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SMAP Subbing Index

I started to make a SMAP Subbing Index, it's on Google Page, it's not finished yet, but a few things is already added to it
I set the document so everyone can help edit, fill it up - if not let me know -

I added the "filter" function to the page, on the first raw with the little arrow you can filter, select, change teh order of the list...
i will be out of town (without net) for a week or so
Nakai no Mado Episode Guide (google page) updated
New epsiodes added, it's up to date now

[Update] Momm

Momm! - Episode Guide (Google Page) - is update. Now it's up-to-date

[Update] SMAPxSMAP (Google Page)

SMAPxSMAP Episode Guide (google page) updated
New epsiodes added, it's up to date now
okay, well my mom found my "Bistro SMAP 2011 Ouchi de Kantan" (SMAP recipit book) and told me to try to translate one of the recipes that caught her interest, so here is it.... This recipe is on page 100:

Creamy curry soup

Ingredients (For 2 person)
rice – 2 portion
Clam (asari) – 250g
water – 1/4 cup (1 cup = 230ml)
bacon – 1-1,5 sheet
onion – small, 1/3 part (60g)
carrot – 1/6 (30g)
potato – 1/3 (50g)
green asparagus – 2
butter – 10g
flour – (little less then) 1 1/3 Tablespoon
chicken soup – 1 cup
milk – 1 cup
curry powder - 1 tablespoon
pepper, salt (according to taste)

1) Wash the clams, rub down the shells. Put the clams and water into a pot. Put it on the fire. When the clam open, pull it off the fire. Separat it to clam and juice. Only clam's body is used (separate it from the shell)
2) Bacon, onion, carrot, potato cut them into 5mm squares. Cut off the asparagus lower, harder part then cut it into 5mm thickness and boil it quickly in hot water.
3) Melt the butter in a pot. Add the bacon, onion, carrot. Stir-fry it. Add (sift on it) the flour, over low heat, stir-fry it
4) Add the chicken soup gradually to not to become lumpy. Add the milk, clam's juice (from point 1) and potato too. Cook it together for 10 minutes. Add the claims (body) and curry powder (SMAwaz!/SMATip!), Simmer it lightly. Add the salt and pepper (as you like it)
5) Serving in bowl. Add (Sprinkle) the asparagus on the top of it. Eat it with the rice (Put the rice into it??)

When you add the curry powder last, the flavor will be better. It is important to add to the end of the cooking to complement the curry flavor and color. Don't add all at once, just in small portions, and it won't become lumpy either. Or if you want you can added it after you mixed it together with chicken soup in a smaller pot.




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